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Nu-core® is an Australian company, headquartered in Sydney, with production and service sites in Sydney Australia, Shanghai China, KL Malaysia, which manufacture and supply metal-based materials and systems to the construction and engineering industries. With strategic infrastructure in place within Asia (WFOE operations) allowing Nu-core to operate with full efficiency that Australian firms would typically be restricted.

Involved at all steps of the production value chain from early virgin metal stage of ferrous and non ferrous metals, through to custom prototyping and finishing of metal materials, helps control the process from start to finish.

From concept design stage, to the approval of custom colours and finishes, designers and architects are working within the factory as one. This has been a key focus to Nu-core’s operation from it’s entry into the market. This open and transparent communication, provides for greater efficiency and productivity, and a greater ability to meet tight building programs.

To encourage the engagement between designer and factory direct, ensures a more streamline approach from material specification to final installation of product.

The aesthetic, the practicality, sustainability and safety for its building occupants have all been interrogated prior to final selection.

Having spent his first work experience days in a small sheet metal shop at fifteen years of age in 1991 in his home town of Canberra Australia, founder and Managing Director of Nu-core® Joshua Turco has been lead supplier for major international developments, from the Shenzhen Train Station in China, Mercosur Shopping Mall Paraguay, IVOO Shopping Centre in Venezuela, Wittmans Taiwan, of recent No.4 Commercial District Suzhou city China, Lot 10. just to mention a few.