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Nu-core® SOLIDAL® Prefinished Solid Aluminium / Nu-core® Non-combustible Composite AL

METAL: 3 Series Aluminium grade SOLIDAL®

FINISH OPTIONS:  Solid, Metallic, Spectra, High and Low Gloss, Brushed

MATERIALS:  Unlimited colours and finishes in matte, metallic, spectra finishes in low to high gloss levels, Kynar®500 is the ideal application. For over 50 years, finishes based on Kynar®500 PVDF resin have helped protect commercial, industrial, and residential buildings around the world. Kynar® 500® is a special grade of PVDF resin manufactured and produced by P.P.G and applied specifically for Nu-core® Pre-finished architectural panels.

  2. 1. Nu-core® SOLIDAL® Solid Aluminium - Aluminium Alloy 5052 H24 Temper to be marine grade.
  3. 2. Nu-core® A Grade FR Non-combustible Composite. Meeting the most strict fire rating requirements world wide.

3. Nu-core® Fire-rated Composite


High and low rise buildings                                         Refurbishment re-cladding
Residential and commercial applications               Educational buildings
Exteriors and Interiors                                                   Industrial buildings
Health Care and Public                                                 All buildings which require a decorative finish

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Curtain wall

Nu-Core® SOLIDAL® Prefinished Solid Aluminium

  • Alloy Metal Thickness (mm) 2, 2.5, 3, 4 up to 6mm
  • Width (mm) 1240mm, 1500mm, 2000mm
  • Lenght (mm) 7000mm
  • Density (kg/dm) 2.7
  • Hardness of Alloy H24
  • Tensile Strength (Rm145 MPa) 185
  • Yield Strength (Rp0.2 MPa) >120
  • Elongation <2%
  • Bending Radius (min) =thickness of material
  • Linear Expansion Coefficient 0.023mm/m/0 K-0.024mm/m/0
  • Flexibility Coefficient ca 70,000
  • Fireproof Grading European Standard DIN4102, A5052 H24 Alloy at A1 Grading Fireproofing Materials