Materials – Stainless Steel

Nu-core® Stainless Steel

Nu-core® Non-combustible Composite

METAL: 316L and 304 Grade Stainless Steel

FINISH OPTIONS: Brushed, Pre-Oxidised Mirror, Dull Finish, Bead Blasted (No.8)

MATERIALS: Nu-core® Stainless Steel Composite Panels are composed of two Stainless Steel skins either side of the Nu-core® material. Available in 304 or 316L grade Stainless, Dull Finish, Mirror Finish or Brushed Finish. Compared to Solid (3mm) Stainless steel, Nu-core® Stainless Steel (4mm) composite is equal in it’s rigidity. This reduction in Stainless Steel compared to Solid Stainless steel applications, ensures lower energy consumption and CO2 emissions during production of materials.

1. Nu-core® A Grade FR Non-combustible Composite. Meeting the most strict fire rating requirements world wide.
2. Nu-core® Fire-rated Composite


High and low rise buildings                                         Refurbishment re-cladding
Residential and commercial applications               Educational buildings
Exteriors and Interiors                                                   Industrial buildings
Health Care and Public                                                 All buildings which require a decorative finish

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Project RECLAD
Cassette Fix
Curtain wall

<  Technical Specifications

  • Panel Thickness (mm): 3, 4, 5, 6 mm
  • Stainless Steel Skin Thickness (mm): 0.20mm (Dull, Brushed), 0.30mm (Dull, Brushed, Polished)
  • Back Skin Thickness (mm) 0.20mm (Dull, Brushed), 0.30mm (Dull, Brushed, Polished)
  • Available width (mm): 980mm, 1200mm
  • Length (mm): 3200mm (Standard), customized dimensions available on request
  • Grade 304, 316