Nu-core® Orders and Delivery


Nu-core panels are sold in square meters (m2). Nu-core panel specifications/purchase order should be recorded electronically and will correspond with the packing list marking, for each shipment. The delivery time is dependent on project location.


Nu-core panels are delivered to the installation site in the patented Brightpack packaging solution. We customize our wooden crates according to your specifications. Our packaging solution provides a fully collapsible case that can be flat packed and used again and again. Does not use any nails or ‘permanent’ fixings, there is no degradation of the case structure when opened or broken down into its component parts.

Storing and handling

The number of Nu-core panels must be checked upon delivery. The panels can be stored in their packages. The opened packages should be protected from moisture. The panels must be handled properly to prevent any damages. Cutting and any other machining of the panels must be performed using appropriate tools to ensure work safety and a fault-free result.

Nu-core panels should be carefully planned considering factors such as available storage space, temperature, avoiding exposure to moisture and chemicals. It is not recommended to store panels longer than 6 months.

Whenever possible, store panels horizontally on pallets. When there is not enough space, panels can be stored in crates (not more than four crates high), with easy forklift access for each crate, or by leaning against the rack (make sure that both bottom and the back material protects panel surface from damage and that panels are stored in racks by size in order to avoid scratches on bigger pieces by the edges of the smaller one.

Nu-core sheets are delivered with protective film on the surface. Protective film prevents damage to the decorative surfaces during transportation, storage and handling. However, it is not UV resistant and should always be removed before external use of the panel.

Although packaging used for transport of Nu-core sheets is of the highest quality, panels should be inspected for transportation damage. Any claims should first be confirmed by the carrier in the letter of consignment before being declared.


A print hardcopy (packing list) containing package-specific information such as order, load and package numbers, contact information, content of the package (Nu-core panel type, dimensions and items) and package weight is attached to the package.

If necessary, individual Nu-core panels can also be marked during the manufacturing process, with a code specified by the customer. Individual codes may assist in panel position on a buildings location.