Composite panels shall be called Nu-core® as manufactured by Watermark International Pty Ltd and supplied through certified distributors.

Nu-core® FR panels to comply with certifications AS3837(Group 1) walls, ceilings and linings BCA and European Standards EN13501-1 (A2-s1 d0 ), North America ASTM E84, British Standards BS 476 parts 6 & 7.

Nu-core® shall consist of two face sheets of 0.5mm thick aluminium.
Nu-core® materials produced on a continuous production line machine. Total thickness 4mm.

The surface shall consist of “Fluro-polymer” based paint finish (colour)… gloss level 15%,30%, 50% or 80%

Paint process is a three-coat system, consisting of a primer, topcoat and clear coat (with a minimum thickness of 35 micron for coastal environments)

  1. Colour retention (ASTM D 2244-93) shall achieve a maximum rating of 5 units after 4,000 hours.
  2. Gloss retention (ASTM D 523-89) shall be a minimum of 70% after 4,000 hours.
  3. Chalk resistance (ASTM D 4214-89) maximum rating of 8 units after 4,000 hours.
  4. The 0.5 mm (3003 Architectural grade) aluminium skins shall also consist of an inhibitive primer on the inner surfaces between the core materials to prevent possible corrosion. The reverse side shall consist of a polyester base coat to protect against possible corrosion in salt water environments.
  5. Delamination strength (vertical pull test ASTM C297) shall withstand 120 kg/cm2.
  6. The core material is to be “A2FR” – a non-combustible mineral filled core clearing greater than 6,000 Btu (ASTM E-84). Unless lesser materials required. The Rear face sheet to be Mill Finish unless noted otherwise.

Nu-core® panels be stored horizontally on a dry, flat, level surface and protected from damage from other trades prior to installation or pre-fabrication. Fabrication must be carried out by a recommended Nu-core® contractor. Installation and machining techniques as recommended by Nu-core® shall be strictly adhered and complied to. For more information relating to machining methods please consult a Nu-core® representative.

DISCLAIMER: The above product specification is a guide only. We recommend contacting a Nu-core® representative to ensure accurate specification of materials is written up prior to documentation. Fire rating, paint specification, aluminum grade requirement varies depending on project requirement.