Nu-core® A Grade FR

Non-combustible & Recyclable.

Nu-core® A Grade FR is a non-combustible environmentally friendly core material, meeting the most strict fire rating requirements world wide. Purposefully designed and manufactured for Architectural wall cladding.

For over 50 years, finishes based on Kynar® PVDF resin have helped protect commercial, industrial, and residential buildings around the world. Kynar® 500® is a special grade of PVDF resin manufactured and produced by P.P.G and applied specifically for Nu-core® Pre-finished architectural panels.


Nu-core® Benefits:
Pre-Finished panels for a more modern and contemporary look
Unique paint technology which resists all environments.
No pitting, chalking, chipping or premature ageing
Vibrant and appealing finishes
Lightweight with amazing flatness
Weather resistant
Low maintenance self cleaning
Stocked materials
Codemark Certified fire compliance BCA 2013
Internationally Approved fire performance
Full manufacturers warranty
Cost effective

Nu-core® Applications:
High and low rise buildings
Residential and commercial applications
Exteriors and Interiors
Health Care and Public
Educational buildings
Refurbishment re-cladding
Industrial buildings
All buildings which require a decorative finish

The Nu-core® A Grade FR material comes in a maximum panel size of 1.55m x 8m, and can be fabricated into any size or shape, in factory or on-site. Concealed fixed with visible or invisible fixings, rain screen or curtain wall, exploring the design options with Nu-core® is endless.

Unlimited colour options through our partners at P.P.G Pittsburgh Paints, or for a more natural metal aesthetic with Copper and Brass from Finland, unique 25um Anodising from Australia, Natural or pigment infused Zinc from Spain, Mirror or Brushed finish 316Grade Stainless Steel.

Nu-core® materials allow architects to be as expressive as possible, whilst ensuring the Nu-core® substrate base materials offer a safer more sustainable wall cladding for it’s building occupants.